Fredo – upholstered chair designed with KEBE A/S

Fredo chair swivel base. IFF Cologne 2013

Fredo chair swivel base. IMM Cologne 2013. Design: Jacob Würtzen

The Fredo chair on a swivel base was launched at the IMM Cologne 2013 by Danish furniture manufacturer KEBE A/S.

Første skitser til Fredo stol

Fredo chair, preliminary sketches

The design was developed together with KEBE’s skilled product development team, and the resulting chair features an organic design in molded cold cure foam with excellent sitting comfort.

Fredo model in KEBE's workshop, August 2012

Fredo model in KEBE’s workshop, August 2012

Fredo stol på drejestel og med 4 ben. Computer visualisering fra produktudviklingsforløbet, Jacob Würtzen

Fredo upholstered chair. On swivel base and with steel legs. Computer model and rendering: Jacob Würtzen, 2012

Two versions, a swivel based and one with four legs, has been a feature of the design from the beginning, and both versions have their qualities, I think:
On the swivel base, the floating-in-the-air look and the rounded backside is quite accentuated.

Fredo chair with legs in solid wood. IFF Cologne 2014

Fredo chair with legs in solid wood. IMM Cologne 2014. Design: Jacob Würtzen

On the four legged version, the front legs and the armrests form a more stable and springy statement?

Fredo with solid wood legs, photo IDdesign

Fredo with solid wood legs, photo IDdesign

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